What is AUTOSherpa Bi?

AUTOSherpa BI is a ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS) application that automates the transactional workflows for automotive dealerships and provide data intelligence that enables decision making. on key business drivers such as Claims, Discounts, Sales Margins, Dead stocks etc.

How AUTOSherpa BI Works?

Review of the functional architecture of AUTOSherpa BI. Upload of ‘As-Is’ reports extracted from DMS on the BI platform. 

Get rid of Excel based manual workflows.

How Analytics Create Value for After-Sales?

AUTOSherpa BI enables the business leaders to answer questions that directly impacts their top-line revenues or help to protect the bottom line. Here are few examples -
i) Alarms & Early Warning System for revenue leakages, cashflow issues etc.

e.g. How many job cards were billed for less than Rs.100?
e.g. Job cards with ageing more than 30 days? What’s the cashflow blocked?

ii) Intelligence that impact the top-line
e.g. Which service merchandise (VAS) to focus on? Battery, Tyres, Brakepads, Emission Check-ups, Wheel Alignment, Balancing, Under chassis coating, Germkleen etc.

e.g. How to improve service load? Which set of customers have high propensity of service at workshop?

iii) Monitor business trends - Know ‘What’ and ‘Why’

Drill down across metrics such as repair order count, recovery, revenue for a workshop locations across time series (Year, quarter, Month, Date), job type (FS, PMS, ACC, RR etc.), model, variant, service advisor, technician etc.

How Analytics Create Value for Spares?

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How Analytics Create Value for Sales?

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