Dealer Customer Connect

Solution Overview


Android OS based mobile app that is installed on the company provided phones of Sales consultants, service advisors, Insurance renewal team, pick-up/drop drivers etc. to improve the efficiency and revenues.

Impact ?

Sales teams find this solution useful in;

  • Reducing the leakages in sales leads. All incoming & outgoing call logs (including missed calls) on the mobile phones are recorded on webserver. Thereby improving the throughput of marketing campaigns.
  • Improving the Sales follow-up or Lead management process. Therefore impacting the topline.
Solution is also useful for CREs & Service advisors to contact and nurture customers for service due reminders, PSF etc.
Enables 100% call recording on mobiles , Location tracking & customized form builders

Sample Workflow


Sample Workflow for ‘Sales’

orangeSeparator sales Workflow

Sample Workflow for ‘Services’

orangeSeparator services workflow

Lead Allocation Module

orangeSeparator Lead Allocation Module

CustomerConnect Mobile App

orangeSeparator customer connect app